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Heckin' Cool custom


At Sandcat Customs, we specialize in the creation of high quality fursuits and fursuit parts.

Contact Sandcat Customs today to find out how we can make your dream fursuit a reality!

Welcome to Sandcat Customs

At Sandcat Customs, we bring your character to life with the closest attention to detail possible.  We strive to provide a better custom suit commissioning experience through top-notch communication and attention to your design. 

handmade custom fursuit accessories

Custom Fursuit Heads

Our custom fursuit heads feature 3D following eyes, hard bases with moving jaws, and many other optional features to bring your character to life. 

sandcat customs partial fursuit

Partial Fursuits

Sandcat Customs also builds Mini Partials consisting of a head, hand paws, tail and optional sleeves – as well as Full Partial suits, which include head, hand paws, feet paws, tail, and sleeves.


custom fursuit hand paws

Custom Paws and Tails

Look at them beans… just look!
Tails, too!

We’re ready to make any kind of custom tails and hand paws to SUIT your needs!