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Terms of Service

Prior to contracting Sandcat Customs, you must understand and agree to these terms. Violation of these terms can result in cancellation of your commission without refund of any deposits made.

You must be at least eighteen years of age to commission Sandcat Customs.

Terms of Payment

A security deposit is required to secure your position in the work queue. Deposits and payment terms for specific work are as follows:

Mini partials (head, hand paws, and tail): A non-refundable deposit of 35% must be received before any work can begin. The remaining 65% is due within 4 weeks of the specified project completion date. Failure to respond to communications from Sandcat Customs to arrange a payment method within 4 weeks of the project completion date will result in cancellation of the commission and forfeiture of deposits and any completed items to Sandcat Customs.

Full partials (head, hand paws, tail, foot paws, sleeves) or fullsuits: Due to the nature of sleeves, bodysuits, and foot paws needing to be custom fit to the commissioner, we require full payment before any work will begin on said fitted parts. 

Payments must be made in the form of personal checks or money orders in USD. The mailing address will be provided to you in the event your commission is accepted by Sandcat Customs. PayPal is not accepted.

Sandcat Customs does not offer refunds.


Quotes are non-binding and quoted prices will be honored for 30 days after delivery.

A quote is not a guarantee of acceptance of your project, and Sandcat Customs reserves the right to decline any commission for any reason.

To receive a quote from Sandcat Customs, a full reference sheet, images of your character displaying all important details, and/or a written description is required.

Changes to the design of a commission after design details have been agreed upon and work has begun are not permitted.

Sandcat Customs is willing to make additions to a project for additional cost. 

Artistic Liberty

The final design of “artistic liberty” suits is up to the discretion of Sandcat Customs.

Artistic liberty commissioners may specify a species and 1 color, also allowing commissioners to state colors or details you strongly dislike.

If you choose not to finalize your purchase of an artistic liberty mini-partial, you will be able to receive a portion of your deposit back (half of your normally non-refundable 35% deposit), regardless of what the suit sells for on the open market.

Artistic Liberty is only available for mini partials.

Project Completion & Shipping

Projects will be completed at Sandcat Custom’s pace. We do not operate with set deadlines, though we will do our best to fulfill our orders in a timely fashion. You may receive an estimated completion date, but this is in no way a guarantee and does not entitle the client to refund or project cancellation.

Shipping, customs, and insurance costs are the sole responsibility of the client. 


All products of Sandcat Customs bear a 30 day limited warranty based on these terms:

Sandcat Customs will repair or replace products in the event of defective seams, defective gluing, or suit parts that do not fit as they were intended (this is if we have made a mistake, not if you gave us bad measurements), as well as any other potential defects in manufacture.

We ask that you contact us as soon as possible after receiving the items to confirm fit and inform us of any potential issues.

This warranty does not cover damage that occurs as result of apparent abuse of the suit/parts.

Damages caused by apparent abuse or misuse of items will not be repaired free of cost. 

Any modifications or repairs to Sandcat Customs products void this warranty if not discussed with Sandcat Customs prior to being performed.

Sandcat Customs reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of all warranty claims. 

Sandcat Customs will not reimburse or cover shipping costs related to warranty claims. 

Disclaimer: Commissioners must understand that fursuiting bears a number of risks due to the potential for overheating, limitation of visibility while wearing a fursuit head, and possible mobility impediments resulting from feet and hand paws.  Sandcat Customs claims no liability for any injuries or property damages that may occur as a result of wearing our products. 
Allergy alert: Sandcat Customs operates out of a private residence in which there are cats and dogs with some access to our production space.  Please reconsider commissioning Sandcat Customs if you have severe allergies to cats or dogs.